A Reasonable
Programming Framework.

Framework-X is a Javascript framework that processes definitions of cause and effect. Applications define what their events mean by mapping them to descriptions of the effects they entail -- a state change, an asynchronous API call, the invocation of a custom function, or another event.

Key features

  1. Less code
  2. Single source of truth
  3. Executable effect descriptions
Add without breaking.
When you want to add a new feature, you shouldn't need to modify existing ones. Framework-X apps reflect this in code. Each feature has its own area. They can be extended without modifying working code.
Write 40% less code.
With Framework-X, you can write the same app in 40% fewer lines of code than Redux, Angular, or other Javascript frameworks. More expressive code can promote faster development, increased productivity, and clearer communication.
Use fundamental building blocks.
Framework-X lets you build complex software from a few essential pieces.Their power comes from the relationships between them and how easy they are to combine.

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